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Possible World

Possible World helps businesses be accessible for their clients and the public. It helps open doors to the possibilities and opportunities for those with various abilities and disabilities.

I have created a simple, visually appealing website that will easily grow with the business.

Pandemic Histories

This site is dedicated to promoting historical perspectives on epidemic and pandemic disease outbreaks. The client needed a simple site that could easily grow to accommodate different types of information. I wanted to create an easy reading experience as the content can be quite weighty and academic.

Empact Change Consulting

A woman-owned, change leadership coaching and consulting firm, based in St. Paul, MN, they equip clients with the programs, tools, and proactive solutions they need to be change leaders of integrity, compassion, and action.

The path to success is often a winding one but knowledge can help with the change. Using an arrow as a cursive lower-case ‘e’, I designed a wordmark for the company that evokes movement, action and a journey to success.

The website incorporates imagery of trails and paths while telling the story of the founder and Empact’s services.