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Corporate Documents

Mockup of Canadian Agricultural Safety Association's 2021 Annual Report on laptop.
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Annual Report 2021

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

The challenge: Update the look and feel of the 2021 Annual Report while utilizing the existing CASA style guide.

Working with the Communications Coordinator, I designed a clean, simplified document which was disseminated via PDF download in both official languages.

Allowing CASA to share their mission and vision with funding supporters and stakeholders.

A Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Restoration in Ontario

Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Challenge: Update an existing document to educate a more targeted audience on the complex process of Wetland Restoration.

I took a complex Word document and designed an easy-to-follow informative piece.  Ducks Unlimited Canada now has a useful document for landowners that provides answers to their questions regarding the process.

Alongside existing diagrams and figures, I created new graphics that can be seamlessly included.

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Annual Report 2019

Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Challenge: Design a document to showcase the stories and conservation work of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

In collaboration with the Annual Report team, which includes the Corporate Communications Specialist, Communications Specialists from every region of the country, the Director of Communications and Marketing, the Chief Financial Officer, and other high level executives, I created a template each year (five years) which embodied the chosen theme. I sourced images that had not been supplied and laid out the document in both official languages. I created infographics, edited and proofed with the communications specialist and translators and completed donor lists. The theme and template was then translated to collateral materials including fact sheets for each province and web graphics for social media usage.