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Create an animated website that tells a story.


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Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, VS Code, FullPageJS, CSS, HTML





I love to knit. I have found the act of knitting a useful tool for managing anxiety. I decided i wanted to share some of the benefits of knitting for meditation and calm. Armed with my idea, I found useful facts about knitting and its connection to mental health.


screenshot of Figma layout of Knitting and the Brain website.

A mockup was created in Figma to get a general layout. I chose to do a single page layout with 4 screens. I searched for illustrations that would be suitable to animate and assist with telling the story of how knitting helped calm anxiety.

I sourced illustrations at I animated them in After Effects. I was aiming to add a visualization of how anxiety feels. A vibrating animation of the word anxiety, a woman with unstoppable swirling things in her mind, juxtaposed with a woman calmly knitting and crocheting.

The animations were exported with Body Movin and inserted into the FullPageJS.

Final Solution

The final website can be seen at