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Applying for a Student Loan for to help fund your higher education is a confusing process with antiquated application process. I sought to update this process.




Mobile App Prototype

After deciding to go back to school, I knew that I was going to need some financial assistance. So began my journey through the Manitoba Student Aid website.

The entire process was frustrating and confusing. The application process was antiquated and therefore did not feel trustworthy. After performing some basic research I found there was a call for a simple “one-stop-shop” to apply and check the status of your loans.


Upon mentioning student loans as an option for this project, most everyone I spoke to had a tale to tell. From confusion, to “thank goodness im almost done paying it off”. From sitting on hold for hours to tuition not being paid on-time

Everyone agreed the Manitoba website was in desperate need of help. There was also some discussion of the confusion between National and Manitoba, especially now that National is dispersing the monies and accepting repayments.

Many felt the current user portal is not trustworthy as it is obviously a very old system that does not spark confidence when you are putting your private financial information into it.

Survey Results

What’s the most difficult part of using the site?

“Navigating my way through all the information to figure out what was applicable to me. Plain english translations of the legal jargon.”
“the most difficult part that i found was the confusing wording/ lack of explaining the process for applications”
“The lack of self service options. I felt the resources available for my questions were limited and resulted in phone calls.”

survey responses for the question were you able to complete your task?

After completing a task-flow analysis of the application process I built out wireframes and the final product that reflected the new simplified application form.